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Air Conditioning Installation – Advice and Tips

There are many possible pitfalls with air conditioning installation. One of the main issues that people fall victim to is attempting to install the air conditioner units themselves. DIY air conditioning installation is illegal in Queensland, and you would be required to purchase all of the necessary parts, which may include an air conditioning refrigerant and an air conditioner compressor. When you need air conditioning installation, you should contact your local electrician.

Air Conditioning Installation DIY

Can I install an air conditioning system myself?

Installation of an air conditioning system is illegal in Queensland – it must be performed by a licensed electrician.

Air Conditioner HVAC Repair

If your air conditioning installation is not done by a professional electrician, somone may end up removing, repairing or replacing your existing system without telling you. Often, HVAC repair companies are only recommended by other companies within the same industry. It is generally recommended that you seek out professional help for major repairs. In some situations, the only option available is to have the whole air conditioning system replaced.

DIY Home Energy Checks

If your aircon installation is not done by an experienced electrician, your system could experience issues such as refrigerant draining, improper operation of the compressor and condenser, leakages, and poor sealing. These will all create excess heat in your home and potentially short circuits in the electrical systems. If this occurs, the electric fuse could melt and cause an explosion in your home. If this happens to your central air conditioning unit, it could lead to extensive damage and repairs. On the other hand, a professionally installed HVAC unit will be tested and will come with safety instructions.

If you attempt to install an air conditioning unit by yourself, you run the risk of causing serious, expensive damage. Hiring a professional electrician not only ensures that they have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to install your system whilst following safety guidelines, but ensures that your air conditioning installation is efficient and effective.

Choose a Professional Aircon Installation Electrician

When choosing an electrician, make sure that the company you choose are licensed, insured and highly experienced. You should spend some time doing research online so that you can learn more about the contractor’s reputation and experience. Most of all, you want to choose someone who offers a free consultation to evaluate your home and your needs. Having a consultation with a contractor will help you learn more about the air conditioner installation and give you time to think about your options. Having the right electrician to do your air conditioning installation service can be priceless in saving you time and money.

Once your system is installed you need to regularly maintain it to keep it working efficiently. It is important to schedule regular maintenance with your local electrician so that they can check for leaks, replace parts as needed, and clean the air filter.

Some people think that cleaning an air conditioning unit is something that they should do by themselves, but it isnt. As a matter of fact, the filters need to be replaced frequently to keep your air conditioning system running effectively. An electrician can also diagnose and repair any faulty parts that may be causing your  air conditioning installation to fail. Having regular maintenance will help you get your air conditioner running at peak efficiency for many years to come.

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