save money on heating in winter

How to Save Money on Home Heating Bills This Winter

There’s no need to pay thousands of dollars this winter to keep your home warm. While heaters are fabulous to have on hand, they’re clearly not the only way to warm up your house. In reality, it’s just as much about keeping the cool air out as it is about holding the warm air in.
So, here are some great tips and tricks to ensure that your home is warm and cosy without breaking the bank.

Trap the Heat Inside Your Home

As much as you can heat up the air trapped inside your house, it’s essential to insulate your house walls to ensure that the warm air is kept within. If you think about it rationally, the air inside is distributed around your house. Nevertheless, the walls have a cold external factor counteracting that warm air.
The first step is to shut the drapes and blinds as the sun goes down. While the sun allows in beautiful warmth throughout the day, the glass on your windows gets cold as the temperature falls, both inside and outside.

Shutting the blinds is an easy solution, ensuring that cold air is caught between the glass and the blinds rather than entering the room. If you can, use a two-prong strategy by having blinds (that lie against the glass) and then curtains hung over them.

When it comes to the walls, adding artwork, mirrors or even posters adds a little bit of insulation. While solid stone or brick walls are still more effective than glass at insulating a building, they still get cold and allow heat to escape. Bookshelves can also be leaned upon external walls to add an additional layer of insulation for your home.

You’d be astonished at how much warm air is leaving and how much cool air is finding its way indoors through your doors. Something as versatile as a door snake will fix the dilemma or even just rolled-up towels.

Carpet Is Your Best Friend

Having carpet throughout your home is a great decision, as it is an excellent insulator. If your home has rooms with floorboards, stone or tiles, you will notice the cold a lot more during the winter months. If they are not insulated efficiently, floors account for up to 10% of heat loss, so covering them up with some rugs can do wonders for your comfort levels and your purse. They’re obviously also an excellent way to add colour and aesthetic charm to the room.

Remember to inspect for cracks or gaps in the flooring and make sure you nip these in the bud by sealing them up. Floorboards and skirting boards contract and grow as houses age and with daily use, so it’s pretty regular for gaps to appear. Simply squirt some gap filler, but remember to use a filler to account for the movement that may happen in future.

Cooking Creates Heat

Think about how warm your kitchen is while the oven is turned on. If you have an open plan living and dining area, cooking is a great way to warm up the air in the room. Plus, cooking smells great and you’ll have a meal to eat at the end of it!

Heat Your House at Certain Times

Heaters can be a great way to keep your home warm, but they’ll always work best when used efficiently. There’s no need to run your heater all day, particularly if you’re not at home. If your heat source isn’t run on a thermostat, it can get very warm in a short amount of time. If you have a thermostat, constantly have it set to 20 or 21 degrees Celcius. While your body may be urging you to put it on a balmy 25 degrees, this is way too hot. In truth, 21 degrees is really the optimal temperature for winter. If you don’t have a thermostat, try utilising a thermometer in the room to estimate the temperature.

It’s also good to consider using a timer. Turn your heater on 30 minutes before you really need it, rather than blasting it at a high temperature for a brief period. Most people will want it half an hour before they awaken and half an hour before getting home. This means you’ll wake up and come home from work to a toasty, welcoming dwelling.

Make Sure The Doors Are Closed

And we’re not just talking of the doors to the exterior. If you’re not going to be utilising a room for the rest of the day, shut the door. After all, why heat a space that you’re not going to be using? Keeping doors closed will hold the warm air where you need it most, along with stopping the cold air from moving from that room into the rest of the home.

Saving Money On Your Heating Bills

We all know that heating and energy expenses grow during winter. Regardless, there are many ways that you can decrease the need to be blasting heating continually during the day. From making sure your home is insulated properly to remembering to close all doors and windows , it’s easy to reduce your costs and still keep your house comfortable and warm.

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