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If your existing hot water system fails you don’t get a chill, Contact Us, and we can get you up and going again.

With winter approaching it is the time of year, your heating system can be one of the largest consumers of your energy bill from 15- 27%! Lets us save your money.

Maintenance of Heating System:

Most of us do not realise that a  bit of maintenance can keep a heating system happy for many years.

Many of the issues with having a faulty system can be easy to ignore, but the result of ignoring them can prove costly and cause long term effects.

Some of the signs to look for:

Managing System Temperature:

Leaving the temperature levels of a system unchecked can lead to a couple of problems:

If your system has been running cooler than usual this can encourage bacterial growth inside the tank. Therefore as a result your water can be contaminated and discoloured, in other words, unpleasant odours! Contact Us and we can check your elements & temperature control.

If your system is running too hot you can expose your tank to overpressure reducing the life span and can lead to the tank bursting.

Leaking Water heater:

Any pooling or dribbling around the bottom of your Hot water service is a sign of your tank degrading.

It’s best to call us on 0423 627 680 as soon as possible to check the condition of your hot water tank.

Pressure Relief Valve:

The function of the relief valve is to regulate the tank pressure to stop it from exploding.

What can happen over time is minerals can collect around the valve and this can affect its performance.

Inspection of the valve and a clean can remove the minerals and keep it in good condition.

Unusual sounds:

If you do notice or hear unusual sounds coming from your system including gurgling, popping, boiling best to turn off the hot water system. Contact Us as soon as possible. Some of these noises can indicate that your tank heating has too much pressure or is overheating.

Leaving your house with no hot water

If your house has no hot water, you may be left with no choice but to call an emergency electrician if you live on Bribie Island, Moreton Bay, or the Sunshine Coast. With winter here and in the cooler months it can leave your entire household without the ability to have hot showers or baths or for any other purpose you use hot water.


For more information on heating systems and rebates and types of systems click on the link:

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