Hiring a Commercial Electrician Can Save Time, Money & Energy

Top 5 Reasons Hiring a Commercial Electrician Can Save Time, Money & Energy

If you work in real estate or as a property developer, you probably have certain tradesmen that you work with to maintain your properties. From the local handyman to plumbers and electricians, the tradies you choose for your business will have a big impact on your current and future tenants.
Doing research before selecting tradespeople or trade businesses to work on your properties is a great idea. You’ll be working closely with these tradesmen, so it’s important that you aim to cultivate a clear and professional business relationship. They are an extension of your real estate or property business, so you’ll want to choose somebody who is a good match with your company’s values.

All of the information above also applies when hiring a commercial electrician. Taking the time to choose the right electrician can mean lower service costs and properly licensed technicians.
Before you simply choose the first Google result for ‘Local Electricians’, you might want to read our top 5 reasons why hiring the right electrician can save you time, money and energy in the long term.

They Can Enhance The Energy Efficiency Of Your New Or Current Property

You may be familiar with the Star Ratings on electrical appliances – the higher number of stars an appliance has, the more energy-efficient it is. With the assistance of a professional electrician, you can improve the energy efficiency of a complete building or dwelling. Increased energy efficiency means fewer repairs and lower electricity bills for your renters.

With rent and mortgage payments now sky-high, we constantly look for new or easy ways to keep within our budgets. Lower bills are highly desirable and make a great selling-point for new tenants.

They Can Help To Keep Your Renters Safe

Safety should always come first, and a licensed electrician can help you find possible hazards or make recommendations for increased security and comfort, such as emergency lighting. The ideal electrical contractor will have a great understanding of the latest advances in security technology and which systems will be most suitable for your property. Residents will feel safer knowing that  CCTV will be filming or automated lights can light their way when they are returning late at night.

Increases Attractiveness to Potential Tenants

There’s no doubt about it – humans have an attraction with lights. Using this fascination, a commercial electrician can help you in design an attractive entrance to light up your property. Imagine how appealing your properties would be to future tenants with a lit-up staircase or beautiful, soft garden lights!

It’s not just about aesthetics either, and your commercial electrician will be able to install indoor lighting that effectively lights a room. This can also make life easier for tenants with vision problems.

The Regular Maintenance of Properties Helps To Keep Tenants

The best part about hiring a commercial electrician for your project is that the company is easy to contact when you need them. When tenants see a good relationship within real estate and trade, they can relax knowing that their dedicated electrician is not far away if something goes wrong.

iFix Electrics are a fully insured and licensed commercial electrician. We are reliable and friendly with experience in all aspects of the commercial and real estate trade, from regular maintenance and checkups of smoke detectors and home appliances to test and tag services and much more.

Commercial Electricians Help Your Run Your Business

It’s not just homes that require electrician services; businesses can also benefit from a commercial electrician’s services. This is highly beneficial to big companies with numerous locations, as a commercial electrician usually has tradespeople in different areas. This means you’ll be able to maintain multiple sites through the one electrician rather than having to manage several other contractors yourself.

If you’re after an A-class electrician for your records, look no further than iFix Electrics. For decades, iFix Electrics has served North Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with its electricity requirements, repairs, maintenance and installations. We realise how vital it is to grow with our clients and handle their projects as our own. For top-quality electrical services, contact our friendly and professional electrical staff today.

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